Chhandika believes in the unifying nature of kathak dance and its potential for bringing diverse communities together. We offer several types of outreach programs for children and adults in schools, community centers and arts organizations and institutions. These programs include:


The overall goal of our outreach programs for children is to provide participants with a new, challenging and enjoyable experience which enables them to be creative, physically active and exposed to a different culture in a comfortable and supportive environment. Programs for adults seek to engage the audience and draw them into the history, culture and traditional background of the dance. Ultimately, we hope to spark an interest in kathak dance and a desire among participants to support it and pursue it further.

We will tailor our programs to meet specific needs and preferences. Please contact us at for more information.

Chhandika's past and current partners in the Greater Boston area include:
bullet MIT Heritage for the Arts of South Asia (MITHAS)
bullet LearnQuest Academy
bullet Boston Children's Museum
bullet Peabody Essex Museum, Salem
bullet Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
bullet Citizens Schools at Edison Middle School, Brighton
bullet Cambridge Arts Council, Cambridge
bullet Arlington Center for the Arts, Arlington
bullet Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Cambridge
bullet ATLAS After School, Dorchester
bullet Wide Horizons for Children, Waltham
bullet YWCA, Cambridge
bullet Patrick O'Hearn School (now Henderson Elementary), Dorchester
bullet Springstep Center for Traditional Dance, Medford
bullet Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence, Boston
bullet Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School, Cambridge
bullet Passim Folk Music & Cultural Center, Cambridge
bullet Arlington Public Schools, Arlington
bullet India Association of Greater Boston
bullet American India Foundation


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